Digital Performer 2.72 (3.11 is evil)
Logic Platinum
Midi Softsynth: REASON 2.0
Fostex VM 200 digital mixing board
ADAT (2 for 16 tracks)
OTARI MX 5050 1/2” analog 8-TRACK R to R
Panasonic 3700 DAT
Sony DAT
Studiomaster 24x8x2 channel analog mixing board

Keyboards and Samplers

Hammond M-3 organ
Oberheim Matrix-12
Baldwin Acrosonic piano (perfect pop piano)
EMU 3600 sampler
Korg VS-20 modular synth
Yamaha PF-100 digital piano (88)
Lowry wind organ
Also, a HUGE array of analog synths are available on short notice.

Microphone array:
Sony C-47 (2) with tube preamp condenser microphones (very warm and responsive, better than Audio Technica’s 414), Sony C38b, Sennheiser 421, Audio Technica atm25 & 873r, Audio Technica, Shure 57s and 58s. Many more available as well.

Outboard gear includes:
TC Electronics M-1 multi-fx, Manley tube preamps, CAD compressors, 2 Symmetrix compressor/de-esser, piles of small reverbs for chain-imaging, 3 early ADA digital delays (which we proudly use).